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Ostrava public transport

Basic information for visitors and public transport users

Hi! Welcome to Ostrava. Here you’ll find some important information about how to use public transport in our city – mainly aimed at visitors.

You can recognize Ostrava’s public transport vehicles from their turquoise or blue-and-white colours. Most vehicles have low floors, so you don’t need to climb steps. Most vehicles are air-conditioned, and many of them also have USB charging points. All public transport vehicles in Ostrava offer free wi-fi.

It’s easy to pay for public transport in Ostrava – just use your contactless bank card in our vehicles. Simply enter the vehicle, tap your card on the yellow payment terminal next to the door, wait until it beeps, and that’s it. Don’t forget to tap your card (wait for the beep) every time you enter a vehicle. You can also watch our videos showing you how to pay with a card.

If you prefer not to use your bank card, that’s no problem – just go to one of our turquoise ticket machines, where you can buy a credit ticket. It’s a prepaid card that you can use to tap and ride – just like you would use a bank card. The third option is to download the “MojeDPO” phone app, and buy online tickets using the app.


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The MojeDPO phone app

All you need, in a single package. Payment is easy using this iOS and Android app.

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Current timetables for Ostrava public transport services. Journey planner, departure times, timetables for individual stops.

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Fares and tickets

Where can I buy tickets for Ostrava public transport, and which type of ticket should I buy?


Who travels free of charge?

Who (and what) travels free of charge on public transport in Ostrava.


Lost and found

Where can you collect something if you’ve left it in one of our vehicles.

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Rules for using public transport in Ostrava

Things you should know before travelling on public transport in Ostrava.



Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about Ostrava public transport.

The absolute centre of Ostrava is the main square (Masarykovo náměstí), which is within easy walking distance of several public transport stops (Most M. Sýkory, Elektra, Karolina, Výstaviště and more).


  • From the main train station to the city centre:
    any trams going to the “Karolina” stop.
  • From Ostrava-Svinov train station to the city centre:
    trams going from the “Svinov, mosty” stop to the “Karolina” stop.
  • From Ostrava airport to the city centre:
    There is a direct train link from the airport to Ostrava-Svinov station, then you can continue by tram from the “Svinov, mosty” stop. Or you can take a bus (not part of the Ostrava public transport system) from the airport to the “ÚAN” stop in Ostrava (the central bus station), and then continue by tram from the “Náměstí Republiky” stop, from where it is just a short distance to the centre. For more information see the airport website.

It’s best to use our own phone app MojeDPO, our website or other apps like IDOS.

In Ostrava public transport vehicles, you can use your contactless bank card to pay for tickets – just tap it on the payment terminal and wait for the beep. It doesn’t matter what currency your bank account is in. You can also buy credit tickets from our ticket machines – you can pay with your bank card, or you can pay cash in Euros (banknotes only, not coins).

You don’t need cash – simply pay using your bank card in the vehicle (tap your contactless card on the payment terminal) or use your bank card to buy a credit ticket from a ticket machine. Of course, you can also buy tickets online using the “MojeDPO” phone app.

The official guide to Ostrava can be found at the website There you will also find a list of OSTRAVAINFO!!! information centres, where you can get brochures and leaflets or buy souvenirs.


The MojeDPO phone app

All you need, in a single package. Payment is easy using this iOS and Android app.